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Our Services

VisAnPy is a new, dynamic startup which offers a wide variety of Data Science Services. Given that Our Team is composed of experts in data science, machine learning and deep learning, we are able to provide expertise in any field of:
data mining

Web data extraction

Customizable End-to-end Web crawling solutions and data extraction.

data analysis

Data analysis

Comprehensive and detailed data insights.

data engineering

Data engineering

Consolidation and data cleaning for further analysis.

data visualisation

Data visualisation

Rich, Customizable and Versatile data visualisation solutions.

machine learning

Machine learning

Fast and scalable Machine Learning models tailored to meet various industry objectives.

consulting data

Reporting and Consulting

Business intelligence and Competitive Intelligence services backed with detailed reportings.

We would also like to emphasize our competence in Social media analysis (gathering and analysing data from social medias such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.), Computer vision (Image classification, Object detection, Image augmentation), Natural Language Processing (Automatic summarization, Text classification, Sentiment analysis) and Time-series forecasting using Neural Networks.

About Us

Who we are

Founded in August of 2019. and based in Niš, Serbia, VisAnPy d.o.o. tends to be high-tech startup which specializes in Data Science. We are dedicated team of professionals trained in different areas of statistics, programming and business, responsible for the high-quality and a wide variety of services we provide.

What we do

We are witnessing the dramatic rise of daily generated data globally. By leveraging the power of Machine Learning, Statistics, and Programming we aim to turn the vast amounts of raw, daily generated data by modern business into valuable business information using up to date technologies. That way, we connect gained knowledge with industry needs.

Our Skills

Data Science is considered as a scientific discipline which combines computer science, statistics, and domain knowledge in order to extract information and insights from data.

Math and Statistics

Math and Statistics form the basic foundation of all the Machine Learning Algorithms. Thus, it is very essencial for a data scientist to understand them well. We intensely use statistical methods and mathematical computations in order to get meaningful insights from data.

Programming skills

As the most popular language for Machine Learning and Data Science, we use Python as the main programming language for data analysis, building algorithms and apps. We are also well experienced in SQL, Java, Power BI and Tableau.

Data visualization skills

"A picture is worth a thousand words" - We believe that data is much more valuable when it is visualized, that's why we are very devoted to create well-designed charts and graphs to gain insights from.


Data scientists need to be able to explain their insights and hypotheses to the decision makers in the business. We know how to creating a storyline around the data to make it easy for anyone to understand.

Get in touch with us

Do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us directly. We will come back to you within a matter of hours.


Niš, TPC Kalča, Serbia

+381 64 338 25 28